Fractal Spider and the Gymnastic Children

The orbit-counting render methods from Sterlingware can be frustrating to work with, but once you find a half decent color setting, there's a harvest of squiggly creatures waiting for you.

Download parameter file spider01.loo

They have an interesting water color look to them. This is because most color settings are too strong for the orbits and produce a moire-electrified look which can only be corrected by lowering the intensity of the "render" dialog on the color controls.

That's a nice way to say I fiddled with it and the only half decent thing I could come up was washed out. Color experimentation in Sterlingware is still somewhat of a mystery to me, but it does add an interesting element of surprise to working with it.

I like the faded, vintage look to this one. Usually the fade-ishness just looks dull.

Well, what else? Fractal hunting for sport, that's what. Orbit counting produces little pieces which often have the appearance of psycho-plankton, atomic-amoeboids and other headless creatoids (say "cree-toydz") that jump, flip and beg to be photographed.

If you think digital photographs are cheap, fractal photographs are even cheaper. I've shot and dragged back to camp quite a few of these beasts while on safari lately. No high explosives, the Sterlingware Wild Game Park isn't wired for that.

It's nice to visit a place where the folks are as colorful and friendly as this and don't beg for money. What am I saying? My own city, Toronto is colorful, friendly and the folks don't beg for money, much, in the suburbs.

You shouldn't trust me with factual information, but I heard that 48% of the population of Toronto (2.5 million total) was born outside of Canada. That's higher than New York or Miami or anywhere.

Well technically, the percentage of foreign-born population in Miami is higher than in Toronto but it mostly comes from a single country, Cuba. And not at all like Toronto where there's a much wider range of cultures. And Cubans can hardly be considered exotic in Miami, anyhow.

What was I talking about?

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