Fluffy, the cat who loved rabbits

Everyday I get hundreds of emails asking me to write about animals and the warm and fuzzy things they do.

So at long last I bring to you the true story of Schwartz and how he came to earn his new name, "Fluffy."

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Once upon a time Schwartz, my younger brother's white and tan cat, went out to the hay fields around our farm to seek adventure. The hay had just been cut, and for some unknown reason he seemed to be heading out to the hay fields alot. Also, he hadn't been eating much of his catfood.

Some time later, on this bright summer day, he returned with something small and furry hanging from his mouth. It was making a faint screeching and screaming noise.

Schwartz, friendly as usual, sat down beside the sandbox where my niece and nephew were playing. He began to chew on the baby rabbit in his mouth.

It wasn't exactly a rabbit, but a "hare." It seems that "hares" are different from "rabbits" in that they live in nests above ground and not in holes. The cutting of the hay field had disturbed and revealed to every creature around, many nests of baby hares.

My niece and nephew ran into the house crying. By now there was a considerable amount of blood on the grass, enough to give any Walt Disney movie an Restricted rating.

It gets worse. My mom found quite a few little bunny bodies on the lawn during that period. She said they hadn't been eaten, but all the heads were missing. Sometimes just the top of the head was gone. It seems Schwartz, just like the zombies in Night of the Living Dead, was only after the sweet, fatty tissue of the brain.

I always called him Fluffy after that.

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