Behold, the Sugar People

More orbit counting creatures, harmlessly shot with the camera and still living at large. Look at the color. Doing the RGB scrabble game (GBR-RBG-BGR...) produces some fine alternatives too in this image.

Download parameter file swimmer01.loo

There's a famous abstract artist whose works are stored forever in my mind, but whose name I can't remember that painted some zippy, spritely characters like this.

They have a nice Christmassy look to them. I always thought that fractals would make nice greeting card images, but getting the same thing to come out of your printer as what you see on your monitor can be a real challenge.

I could never paint or draw something like this. Without Sterlingware, I'm nothing. The colors too; there's more than two, and the whitish highlights on the creature's arms and legs extend out to become the thread-like tendrils that go squiggly and disappear.

People can't imitate fractals, and fractals can't imitate people. I think they complement each other though. I mean, I haven't heard any complaints.

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